The Asian Kitchen in Phnom Penh

The Asian Kitchen opened its door  to Phnom Penh food lovers on Saturday June 15, 2013.   This restaurant is well known in Singapore, and now it finally makes it appearance in Cambodia on the Monivong boulevard, in front of Wat Koh pagoda.  Last night, we decided to check it out knowing that we may face with new restaurant unpreparedness but we chose to test out our luck.


As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the hostess, wearing all black uniform with a sign The Asian Kitchen on the back.  There were three VIP tables situated on the back wall.   Near the entrance, to the left was the kitchen with an opened glass wall, and to the right was the cashier desk.   The interior of this restaurant was quite bright for an evening dinner.  The hostess seated us to one of three VIP tables.  Now unlike other chinese VIP tables, they were not closed to everyone.  The separation was divided by a steel wall decorated with series of hollow shapes.  One could easily see through the hollow shapes to the next table.   Also there was no door for the VIP rooms, so one could say that these tables are just seating area and not eating room.


Similar to the Emperors of China restaurant, the restaurant offered a you-do-it-yourself menu selection.  Situated on the table, there were several pamphlets of tri-fold menu.  Each dish was labeled in three languages — Khmer, Chinese and English, with a box next to it.  Each customer could easily write down the quantity in the box provided per dish.

For the evening, we selected the Trip Joy, a combination of roast duck, chicken and pork.; lucheon fried rice; egg rolls; and green beans with salty eggs stir fried.   The portion was small, enough for a group of 3 to 4.  On the menu, there were egg noodle soup with wonton, roast duck or pork.  Note that this restaurant did not offer dim sum.   The kitchen was quite fast despite that it was the second day after the opening night.


There was still a small issue with our order.  Not all of our food selection came out.  The manager came to apologize for the inconvenience.  The restaurant did not charge us for those dishes that never came out.   All and all the restaurant received a 3.5 stars from us.  We are sure to visit it again soon.

For contact information and map, please click here.


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