27 Tuesday Aug 2013

Sunrise Tacos Phnom Penh

This month is the official opening of Sunrise Tacos in Phnom Penh.  Situated in the best neighborhood Boeung Keng Kang 1, this restaurant reintroduces Mexican cuisines to our local diners.  It is not easy to find a Mexican restaurant in Phnom Penh, let alone one in proximity of the city center.

The restaurant’s interior is a hit’n miss.  A few pieces of furnitures were somewhat hispanic influences, but the ceiling lights are somewhat eclectic from various inspirations maybe it wasn’t meant to be there.  The rustic walls and floors were meant to be unfinished and artsy, but it was hard to pin-point whether this rustic looks really fit the theme of the restaurant.  Maybe this is just my personal opinion.

Sunrise Tacos offers a variety of commonly known Mexican cuisines such as taco, quesadilla, burrito, margarita and more.  Not included in the menu is an endless set of self-serving salsa (that you serve yourself).


For starters, we had ordered the bottomless chips and salsa.  The chips were somewhat oily and had a fairly burned oil taste.  It did not compliment well with the delicious salsa.  Giving us tortilla chips would have been a better choice.   As for the main course, we had ordered three beef tacos, one beef burritos, one chicken quesadilla and their strawberry margaritas.  For an extra 50 cents, we received a small plate of sour cream.  It’d been better to include this in the set, instead of us asking for it.  The self serving salsa came handy, thus it was a great addition to our meal.  Only Corona beer is available.  Other mexican beers are not yet available.  The price was also a bit pricy for mexican foods, even if most of ingredients are to be imported.

Overall, we give this restaurant a 3 stars.   You should check this restaurant yourself and be the judge of it.

25 Friday Jan 2013

Eclipse Sky Bar – the highest rooftop bar/restaurant in Phnom Penh

Another rooftop bar opens on Monivong Boulevard.  Eclipse Sky Bar is the highest rooftop bar and restaurant in Phnom Penh.  Located on the 23 floor (roof) of Phnom Penh Tower, this bar definitely brings a lot of flare and high to the city.

Although the bar hasn’t really advertised much, its popularity is gaining a lot of buzz.  The rooftop views from all four sides are spectacular and breath-taking.  We think this place will be the hottest spot in Phnom Penh in no time.  Making a reservation will soon be necessary.

Though it is relatively new, the price tag for foods and drinks here are on the high side, more than most bars in Phnom Penh.  This is definitely one of our top picks to check out for both tourists and locals.

Eclipse Sky Bar

Eclipse Sky Bar

Happy Hour: 50% off drinks from 5:30pm to 7:00pm (subject to change)
Tip: take the lift to the 22nd floor, then take two flights of stairs to reach the bar.

Tel: 023 964 171
Address: 23rd Floor, Phnom Penh Tower

19 Saturday Jan 2013

Deco restaurant in BKK1

A great, some-what new, addition opens its door on the corner of Street 57 and Street 352 in BKK1.  If you’re driving along Street 57, you may not able to tell that this cute little colonial french, in black and white color, house is actually a restaurant born to be awesome.

It was a Saturday evening.  My mom and I were sitting on the rooftop of Eclipse Sky bar that I pulled up the Tripadvisor app for Phnom Penh.  A quick browse through the restaurant list, we’ve decided on Deco, that was listed in the top 3 restaurants in Phnom Penh, as our tonight’s choice to dine at.

As we entered the restaurant, the server seated us to one of the empty tables, not too far from the bar.  The lighting was slightly dimmed, giving the room’s atmosphere a warm and cozy feeling.  To our surprise, the menu wasn’t the traditional pamphlet or booklet but instead was a brown piece of paper laying on top of our table.

For our evening, we didn’t bother to order any alcoholic drink but instead made a few selections of their non-alcoholic concoction.  Our orders of a Jasmine Iced tea and a Raspberry fizz were splendid.  A tangy taste of club soda infused with a citric twist was a great combination for our meals to come.

The restaurant offered a few starter assortments– all sounded very scrumptious.  We placed the order for a Beetroot and Citrus Salad, Walnut Dressing; a Kampot Crab Cakes, Sherry Mayonnaise; and a Whisky Cured Salmon with Rye Bread, Honey Mustard & Dill.   My favorite was the crab cakes.


For our main course we tried the 136 deg Poached Red Snapper, Potato Rosti, Spinach & Cream Sauce; a Duck Breast with Watermelon, Cashew Nut & Plum Sauce; and an Aussie Steak.   The duck breast was perfectly cooked, showing a slight hint of pink in the middle. The plum sauce was a bit sweet for me but the fresh carved watermelon was just the perfection palette combination as it was so refreshing.


All in all I highly recommend Deco to everyone.  This restaurant definitely made a great impression and its ways onto my top list of restaurants of all time and not just the restaurant list from Phnom Penh.

Tel: 017577327
Address: the corner of Street 57 and Street 352

10 Friday Aug 2012

Stonegrill Restaurant & Bar – in Phnom Penh

Driving along the riverside, you are easily mesmerized by many restaurants and bars from left to right.  Among them is the newest, swanky, unique and vibrant restaurant, Stonegrill Restaurant & Bar.  Situated alongside Gloria Jean’s Cafe at the riverside, this newest addition brings new flavor and eating technique to Cambodia.

What amazes me the most is the buy-one-get-one-free cocktail, served in a gigantic martini glass.  See the picture below for proof.

Stonegrill Restaurant & Bar

Well the best thing about this restaurant is its eating style.  You are served a flesh slab of meat and a hot stone.  To eat, you must sear the meat and place them onto this burning hot stone.  Once cooked to your desire, you start enjoying this readily cooked meat.  YUMMY!

Stonegrill Restaurant & Bar

HAPPY HOUR – 05:00pm To 08:00pm
BUY 1 GET 1 FREE – EVERYDAY ** Note: For Cocktail Only **

08 Wednesday Aug 2012

Artillery. art. cafe. bar. Phnom Penh

I keep procrastinating myself from sitting down and writing this post.  Well here is my thought of ARTILERY.

For today’s post, I’m actually writing about a quaint little restaurant near the Royal Palace.  If you’re not familiar with Street 240 and Street 244, this little tucked away restaurant may be difficult to locate.  I suggest readers to check out google map and don’t go on a wimp.  Please take my advice seriously.

ARTILLERY restaurant is one of the well-known art, cafe, and bar in Phnom Penh.  Once you have discovered where it is, you can really appreciate the quiet and cozy atmosphere this place brings.  Outdoor tables are spread out along the store front, dovetailed in its own corner.  Along the wall broken blue-color china (plates) are decorated, making it more rustic than the rest of the street.  Once seated, you will become aware of the surrounding buildings and houses that makes this restaurant seem out-of-place.  The silent noise is a privilege here, now that all main streets are well no where near by.  It is still difficult to find a peaceful joint to hangout in Phnom Penh, which is why I find a great honor in this place.

ARTILLERY Art. Cafe. Bar

The menu has variety of organic ingredients, fruits and vegetables.  One of my favorite dish is the bruschetta bread served with fresh minced tomatoes and mint leaves topped with a zesty taste from balsamic vinegar. One bit will simply put your mouth asking for more. Beside this recommended dish, please feel free to indulge yourself with other course.

This is definitely one finest place to have a Sunday brunch.  You’ll find this place is perfect for the healthy and earthly breakfast drinks and foods. Challenge my bias opinion and check it out yourself.  And don’t forget to bring friends along.


26 Thursday Jul 2012

Top 5 Restaurants to dine this summer in Phnom Penh

This summer, there is a new sprawl of restaurants opening up in Phnom Penh.  Like most food lovers, I enjoy trying out these new places and see if they have what it takes to impress my taste palate.  After a few weeks of exploring, I finally came up with a list of restaurants to my liking.

  1. The Exchange (near Wat Phnom)
  2. Do Forni (inside Sofitel Phnom Penh Hotel)
  3. Stone Grill (near the river side area, close to Gloria Jean’s coffee)
  4. The Emperors of China
  5. Origami Japanese Restaurant

Stone Grill Restaurant

The Exchange Bar and Restaurant

Origami Japanese Restaurant

Do Forni Restaurant

The Emperors of China Restaurant

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