12 Thursday Sep 2013

Key Term for Staying At Hotel

In hospitality industry, there are many keys term that are used. Today I would like to introduce you some key terms for making hotel reservation.

– Single Bed room = one bed for one person.

Single bed

Single Bed

Double Bed room = one bed for 2 people

double bed

double bed

– Twin Bed room = 2 beds for 2 people

twin bed

twin bed

– Triple Bed room = 2 or 3 beds for 3 people

Triple bed

Triple bed

Triple bed for 3 people

Triple bed for 3 people

This room above also counts as a triple room too because this room type fits three people. What we need to notice is that it has one double bed for 2 people and one single bed.

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18 Tuesday Jun 2013

Online Hotel Booking in Cambodia

IRG presents its online hotel booking website.  According to the statistic published by the Ministry of Tourism, there is an increase in the number of Cambodians traveling overseas for the past five years.  These travelers are Cambodian business entrepreneurs, government officials, and our friends and families who wish to see the world has to offer.  Our travel agency understands the need of our travelers when it comes to finding accommodation.  We have worked with many travel agency partners in Phnom Penh to provide the travel technology that would allow our partners to make hotel booking worldwide for our travelers.  With a great success, IRG now rolls out the new and improved online hotel booking website that serves both to our travelers and travel agency partners.

dream image

Below are videos that we have created to demonstrate our users on how to use our hotel booking website.  We hope you enjoy these clips.  Please comment.

Learn how to manage your booking here.

Learn how to search for near by places or address from your selected hotel.

21 Wednesday Nov 2012

A new way to book a hotel online with IRG

Our IRG team has been preparing a new face for our hotel booking website.  We anticipate the new interface to be up and running in this coming December.  Below are some screen shots highlighting the new features.

1. In this screen shot, online visitors can quickly identify TripAdvisor ranking and hotel star ranking. All prices display here are final, including taxes and services.  Therefore customers won’t be surprise when you reach the booking payment stage.  

A gallery displaying hotel availability.

2. On this map displaying hotel availability, online visitors can pinpoint the location of interest or address by simply entering into the text box provided and click on the “pinpoint location”.  The number of hotels helps our users to see easily on the map where each hotel is located.

A map displaying hotel availability.

 3. On the homepage, online visitors can see which hotels are last viewed and are most viewed, and which cities are most viewed.

Most Viewed Hotels

All these great features are integrated to help serve our online customers better.