26 Tuesday Nov 2013

Today Music in Phnom Penh

The popular radio and television stations in Phnom Penh are delivering mainstream music both local and international ones to our music lovers living in the city.  However we notice that Radio 97.5 MHz is the only popular station that plays American music.  So how do our Phnom Penh music listeners able to keep tab on the latest American music?

Thanks to social media and youtube, young Cambodians are now able to connect to western pop cultures easier than before.  Today online Khmer music websites are providing different outlets for our friends to be updated on the music scene, yet we still see that our local sites are still heavily focused on Khmer’s today pop music and not as much on American ones.

Discovering new artists is even more difficult as there isn’t any local website that has this focus. IRG wants to bridge this gap by developing a music website that delivers the latest music trends to the local music lovers.  During our development, we keep in mind that our site will need to be organized in a fashion that web viewers can easily navigate through the different languages.

banner IRG playSome of the more popular music labels in Cambodia are Raksmey Hang Meas (RHM), Town, M Production, Rock, Sunday, and Phleng record.  Only well known artists are signed to these records. Artists like Aok SokunKanha and Chhorn Sovannareach, are among the popular artists today.  Unlike American music where artist releases his or her own album, the music label production is the one who releases the album that contains songs from multiple artists.  Newly released albums are often found on Facebook and are not normally found in the record labels’ websites.   To ease web viewers finding new Khmer music, we set up a playlist for 50 Newest Songs and the left panel displaying only the newly released albums.

english music

On the IRG music website, we implement another playlist that plays only the hottest American songs.  Our content editors spend endless hours searching through music websites, in order to compile a list of newest American songs for our listeners.

19 Monday Nov 2012

IRG is getting to ready to launch its Khmer music website

In the last few months, our IRG team has been an enormous effort to bring our visitors a music platform for listening to Cambodian music and video.  Our vision is to introduce newest and trendy Khmer pop songs to the online community as easy to find and easy to navigate as possible.

We incorporate several music and video playlists, keeping in mind that our web users would be able to identify quickly the latest songs that are most played on radio during any given time period.  We also add “like” button as well as “view” counter to bring the social ranking tool to this website with the intention that our online visitors can quickly see which songs are the fans top favorite and which songs are most listened to.

Behind the scene, our team keep our online fans update on all record productions such as Rasmey Hang Meas, M Production, Town Production, Sunday Production…etc.


50 Latest Songs

30 Most Listened Songs