08 Wednesday Aug 2012

THANSUR BOKOR HIGHLAND RESORT – Kampot, Bokor Mountain, Cambodia

During the summer, Cambodians often travel to remote areas to celebrate Tean Vorsa buddhist ceremony. In Buddhism, Tean Vorsa is a window of time in the rainy season where many Cambodians bring together plenty of food and household necessities to the pagoda or temple, especially those deemed remote or inaccessible by common transportation.  This summer, Bokor mountain has been raving with many locals who go there for Tean Vorsa celebration.

Now that Thansur Bokor Highland Resort is inaugurated, local Cambodians can take the opportunity to spend one to two nights on this amazing, infamous mountain, while they visit Sompeu Pram Pagoda.

The drive to this mountain is spectacular. I recommend everyone to visit this place.  In the rainy season, the waterfall on this mountain is a must-see place.  Access to the waterfall is quite tricky.   Please contact the local people on the mountain or the resort for instructions.