26 Sunday May 2013

Our love for Dim Sum is now available at the Central Market

Recently our favorite dim sum place opened its second location at the Central Market.  Located on the corner of the Khemarak Phomin street and the Central Market round-about, this dim sum place sets out for both the locals and foreigners.
Since we cannot have enough of them dim sums, we just had to go there again.   The menu selection is the still same as the one near Olympic stadium.  To read about our previous article, please click here.


29 Tuesday Jan 2013

The Emperors of China restaurant brings the Hong Kong Cantonese specialities to Phnom Penh

The word Dim Sum is not well known to the locals, especially those living in the provinces.  However here in Phnom Penh city, there are a number of chinese restaurants that offers this breakfast specialities.  At the heart of the city and next to the Olympic Stadium sits the infamous Cantonese restaurant – The Emperors of China.

On the weekend, this restaurant is always busy.  Getting a table has became increasingly difficult due to its heightened popularity.  Their Dim Sum are as amazing as those of Yi Sang restaurant (of Almond Hotel).

For Dim Sum, here are our recommendations:  

  • shrimp dumpling,
  • steamed diced pork and shrimp dumpling,
  • steamed chickens’ feet with fresh chili,
  • steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce,
  • sweetened egg paste bun,
  • rice roll with bbq pork,
  • pan-fried radish pudding, and
  • deep-fried taro dumpling. 

Two weeks ago, we stopped by the Emperors of China and had dinner there.   Our recommendations are:

  • xiao long bao (it’s the best. very juicy and steamy),
  • marinated duck’s tongue,
  • Qing dynasty chicken,
  • peking duck with pancake,
  • braised bean curd, and
  • fried noodle.

For dinner, the Cantonese chef did a demonstration of noodle making.  Here’s an image I found on their website.

Emperors Noodle

No.19 St.163, Sangkat Veal Khan 7 Makhara,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
(Reservation) 023 637 6663
(Khmer) 078 774 334
(English) 012 780 667
(Chinese) 097 92 92 699

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