08 Wednesday Aug 2012

Artillery. art. cafe. bar. Phnom Penh

I keep procrastinating myself from sitting down and writing this post.  Well here is my thought of ARTILERY.

For today’s post, I’m actually writing about a quaint little restaurant near the Royal Palace.  If you’re not familiar with Street 240 and Street 244, this little tucked away restaurant may be difficult to locate.  I suggest readers to check out google map and don’t go on a wimp.  Please take my advice seriously.

ARTILLERY restaurant is one of the well-known art, cafe, and bar in Phnom Penh.  Once you have discovered where it is, you can really appreciate the quiet and cozy atmosphere this place brings.  Outdoor tables are spread out along the store front, dovetailed in its own corner.  Along the wall broken blue-color china (plates) are decorated, making it more rustic than the rest of the street.  Once seated, you will become aware of the surrounding buildings and houses that makes this restaurant seem out-of-place.  The silent noise is a privilege here, now that all main streets are well no where near by.  It is still difficult to find a peaceful joint to hangout in Phnom Penh, which is why I find a great honor in this place.

ARTILLERY Art. Cafe. Bar

The menu has variety of organic ingredients, fruits and vegetables.  One of my favorite dish is the bruschetta bread served with fresh minced tomatoes and mint leaves topped with a zesty taste from balsamic vinegar. One bit will simply put your mouth asking for more. Beside this recommended dish, please feel free to indulge yourself with other course.

This is definitely one finest place to have a Sunday brunch.  You’ll find this place is perfect for the healthy and earthly breakfast drinks and foods. Challenge my bias opinion and check it out yourself.  And don’t forget to bring friends along.