10 Tuesday Mar 2015

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10 Tuesday Mar 2015

Van to Provinces in Cambodia

Beside taking the bus to provinces in Cambodia, one can also take a van. This option provides a faster and more comfortable way to reach your destination.


10 Tuesday Mar 2015

Updated Giant Ibis bus schedule

To our fellow readers, Giant Ibis has released more departure times for the upcoming 2015.  Routes include Siem Reap, Sihanoukville (Kompong Som), Kampot, and Ho Chi Minh City.


08 Saturday Mar 2014

Bus Rental service to Koh Kong by ISPP – Teacher’s Review

IRG  offered bus rental service to ISPP ( International School of Phnom Penh ) for taking students to Koh Kong Province. We got a good review from teacher below:

” Brydie was very impressed with the driver who took them to Koh Kong.  He was very safe, professional and everything went very smoothly.
Holly G.
ISPP- International School of Phnom Penh
bus rental by ISPP

bus rental by ISPP

Chair With seatbelt

Chair With seat belt

Teacher called name of students

Teacher called name of students

IRG wishes to serve that service to ISPP again next year and we are really happy to bring the students to their destination and came back safely.

IRG Car Rental

IRG Car Rental

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07 Saturday Dec 2013

Car Rental Service in Phnom Penh – Guest Review

“Everything is fine and Mr. Bona is a good driver. We are happy with your company service and will definitely contact you again for future needs. Many Thanks. ”

Christian D , Singapore

IRG Go-Cambodia Taxi and Car Rental Service

IRG Go-Cambodia Taxi and Car Rental Service

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22 Sunday Sep 2013

Travel Checklist: What Need When You Travel



Are you a first or frequent traveler around the globe? Yes, I am. Being a traveler, I have learned from experiences through my journey that there are many same things I should always travel with because they make my life so much easier. This is a list of my personal travel must-haves; use it as your personal checklist when I travel to anywhere!

What could you bring in your travel bag to make your life better? Here is a check list of mine. Travel can be stressful and need to plan carefully. You want to get your flight on time and be ready for it. And, you want to make sure you have everything you need in hand, but nothing more than that because you are the one that has to move your luggage(s) and carry-on from door to door.

Below is a list of all of the things that you may want (or need) to have at your fingertips during the course of your trip. Continue reading

26 Monday Aug 2013

Arriving at Phnom Penh International Airport

Ever feel overwhelmed when you arrive at the airport?  Worrying about how you will get your 3G/wifi once you’re in Cambodia, how you will get connected to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or Line.

Phnom Penh International Airport is relatively small in size.  Most of the arrivals do not have the connect with a gate. A transfer bus is normally used to pick up passengers from the runway.

Once the passengers enter the terminal wing, VISA upon arrival is available for foreigners. For Cambodian citizens carrying e-passports, they can easily use the e-scanner machine for processing.

Immediately after the immigration clearance, there are only two baggage claim conveyer belts. Finding your luggages should not too difficult. After the baggage claim and customs clearance, you will exit the complex, passing through customs control to an outside corridor. Along this walkway, plenty of mobile operators will offer pre-paid sim card with minutes and/or wifi/3G. Some of the more reliable mobile operators are Cellcard, Smart and Metfone.

Also available along this walkway is the taxi and remork (tuk-tuk) service providers. A transfer from the airport to Phnom Penh city should cost approximately $7 to $10 with the taxi or remork.


Map of the Phnom Penh International Airport is shown here.

map of airport PP

07 Friday Jun 2013

Traveling to Preah Vihear province and Beng Mealea temple

Earlier this week, we traveled to Tbeng Meanchey, the capital city of Preah Vihear province.  We were surprised that the road was well developed.  To get to Tbeng Meanchey from Phnom Penh, the easiest route was to drive along National Road 6 until you reached the capital city of Kompong Thom.   Here the road splited.  Heading left would have led us to Siem Reap.  Steering right led us to Tbeng Meanchey.  The entire trip took us less than 5 five hours.

tbeng meanchey

Although our trip was not intended for sightseeing or a visit to Preah Vihear temple, we managed to see more of the city had to offer.  The town itself was relatively small.  Once you reached the round-about with a man-made statue, you knew that you were in the vicinity of the city.   There were two main roads crossing through the city.  One road would lead you to the local market, where you can find local vegetables and game meats.  A few beer gardens and fruit stands were spread out through out the city.   As for accommodation, we recommended staying at Home Vathanak.  We were surprised how clean this hotel was compared to other guesthouses and hotels that we had stayed in Kratie and Rattanakiri.   Unfortunately Tbeng Meanchey did not have any boutique hotel like those found in Battambang city.  All and all, I found Home Vathanak was a simple and the cleanest accommodation in the city.


For lunch and dinner, we ate at those beer garden places, not far from the provincial town hall.  For dessert, we hit up the local market for traditional Khmer desserts.  It was some what questionable how hygienic the place was, but it was manageable.  The local fresh fruits were much cheaper at the market than those fruit stands by the round-about statue.

After spending one night in Tbeng Meanchey, we made our way to Beng Mealea temple, which was on the route heading west toward Siem Reap city.

beang mealea

Beng Mealea temple was one the farthest temple from Siem Reap city.  Luckily for us, we could easily get to the temple from Tbeng Meanchey.  The temple was not seemed to be well known to tourists.  The structure was still in ruin.  A lot of debris were found through the temple.  It was said that this temple has a moat inside.  From the large and old tree grew within the temple, it was somewhat resembled the Bayon temple.  Walking through the temple was easier than I thought.  Wooden planks were setup through out the temple.  The strange part was that the planks setup right above the temple roof; essentially you were practically strolling above the temple and looking down to the structure below.  We highly recommend people to visit this temple.  It is really worth the drive.



19 Sunday May 2013

Tips on flight web check-in, seat selection, baggage weight allowance

It comes to my attention that most people in Cambodia are not used to using online web check-in prior to flight boarding.   I find it quite useful to check-in online and print out my boarding pass in advance especially when you are leaving Phnom Penh at 5:30pm during rush hours.

Most 0f the airline websites will allow you to check-in 24 hours prior to the departure time.  Remember to have your reservation code (airline PNR code) on hand.  If you do not know this information, check your reservation details and/or contact your travel agent.   Once you are connected onto the airline’s web check-in portal, you will have the options to (1) enter your frequent flyer mileage program if you haven’t done  it, (2) seat selection, and (3) print your e-boarding pass.  Trust me this will save you so much time when you get to the airport.  Remember that if you have multiple segments (or connections), you will only allow to do web check-in for those segments that are within 24 hours of the departure time.  This is my observation for many of the airline websites.  There could be exception for a few airlines.

Now to arrange your seat in advance, you can either do the web check-in within 24 hours of departure time, or manage your booking online 48 hours prior to your departure date.  The second option is slightly different than web check-in because you are not able to print your boarding pass, hence it is not an online check-in.  It is simply an online tool which many airline websites offer to their customers the ability to make seat selection, enter frequent flyer mileage program, make meal selection, wheel chair request, and many other requests.  Take advantage of this and you will have a stress free time when it comes to flight planning.


Finding out your baggage weight allowance can be cumbersome.  Often I just call the airline for a quick response.  But most of the time, I just visit the airline website and obtain their information.  Now if you have booked via a travel agency, they should also have this information if your connection flights are not too complicated and do not involve different carriers.  My rule of thumb of excess baggage or weight is try to find the airline who offers the cheapest for an extra luggage versus the cheapest per kilogram.

I hope these tips are useful for those who are flying out of Phnom Penh.   Have a safe and pleasant flight.


14 Thursday Mar 2013

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Ta ProhmTa Prohm

Ta Prohm


Ta Prohm (a.k.a- Rajavihara) is a temple at the ancient city of Angkor located in nowadays Cambodia, Ta Prohm temple was built in the Bayon style close to the end of the 12th century.
Ta Prohm temple is different from the majority of Angkorian temples since it was not changed or renovated since it was found.

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