10 Tuesday Mar 2015

Updated Giant Ibis bus schedule

To our fellow readers, Giant Ibis has released more departure times for the upcoming 2015.  Routes include Siem Reap, Sihanoukville (Kompong Som), Kampot, and Ho Chi Minh City.


09 Monday Dec 2013

The Gallery: Cambodia Photos in December

Talking about taking photo, everybody like to photograph.  I would like to share some photos about Cambodia.

Budha in the night

Buddha in the night

Buddha statue in the night: this is located in Takeo Province. I took it while I went to Kathen Tien, a buddhist ceremony.

The Ocean Forest.

The Ocean Forest.

The  Forest Ocean located in Sen Monorom City of Mondulkiri Province.  It is called the forest ocean because of the trees growing on the mountain like the wave of sea. This is why people called it Samot Chheur or The Forest Ocean.

Num Ka Chhay - Street food

Num Ka Chhay – Street food

Num Ka Chhay is a kind of street food that Khmer people like to eat. You can find it on street and in local market.

I hope you enjoy to these photos and please leave me a comment.   Enjoy your travel in December.

25 Thursday Apr 2013

Sokha Beach Resort and Sokha Angkor Resort- Only 85$

Sokha Group Hotel

Sokha Group Hotel

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28 Thursday Mar 2013

Visit Angkor Wat in The Morning

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat is one of the famous temple in Cambodia.

Tips: Everybody waits for the sunset – why not catch the amazing sunrise at Angkor Wat instead . Continue reading

14 Thursday Mar 2013

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Ta ProhmTa Prohm

Ta Prohm


Ta Prohm (a.k.a- Rajavihara) is a temple at the ancient city of Angkor located in nowadays Cambodia, Ta Prohm temple was built in the Bayon style close to the end of the 12th century.
Ta Prohm temple is different from the majority of Angkorian temples since it was not changed or renovated since it was found.

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24 Thursday Jan 2013

Nearest Trendy Boutique Hotels to Old Market/Pub Street, Siem Reap

In the past three years there has been a sprawl of development in the boutique hotel around Siem Reap city center.  Lately the city’s property keeps going up in value, it is sometimes very difficult for hoteliers to invest in any hotel development near the city center.   Although the demand for boutique hotels is still on the rise, there is only a handful of these boutiques near the center of town.

Karavansa Boutique Hotel and Karavansa Residence are among our top choices for boutique hotels in Siem Reap.  Both places are located across from one another.   Walking from the hotel to the Old Market or the Pub Street takes less than 5 min.  The hotel features a sleeping quarter in an old french colonial building, a rustic traditional Khmer house style restaurant, a rooftop pool, and a front yard green garden.  Their service is as superb as any five stars hotels in Siem Reap.  Our experience staying at this hotel has always been very pleasant.


La Niche d’Angkor Boutique Hotel is one of the nearest boutique hotels to the Old Market and the Pub Stret.  It is located on the infamous Wat Bo Road.  By foot this hotel is about two blocks from the Hip Hop club, situated on the roundabout right across from the Old Market.  What we like best about this hotel is its large-size swimming pool.  Since this is a boutique hotel with limited rooms, the pool never feels crowded.


Other Boutique Hotels near the Old Market and Pub Street:

+ Pippeli Pensione

+ Soria Moria Boutique Hotel

+ Frangipani Villa Siem Reap

+ Viroth’s Hotel

18 Friday Jan 2013

Our top choice SPA for 2012

Recently we have so many requests from readers and friends who are traveling to Cambodia asking us about our choice for spa.   It would only be fair that this topic deserves an article on its own.

It took me a few days to rank these places but my choice on how I rank these places may not be the same as someone else who have been to these same places.   So here are my top massage and spa places for 2012.

1. Bodia Spa in Heritage Hotel, Siem Reap

2. Champei Spa in BKK 1, Phnom Penh

3. Dermalogica in BKK1 in Phnom Penh [facial treatment]

4. Body Tune Spa, Siem Reap

Living in Phnom Penh can be challenging.  Often you are moving from one edge of the city to the next.  Those who do not have a car often take the Remork (a motocycle with a trailer attached) or the moto-taxi to get around the city.  The humidity and the dust found in the city can be overbearing for the body and skin.  Getting a facial done once in a while is a great way to detox the stress from a busy week.  Dermalogica in BKK1 offers an comparable facial treatment that surpasses other spa places in the city.   Bodia Spa in Phnom Penh and Champei Spa in BKK1 are also two great locations for soften those tense muscle due to having done long walks around the city.

17 Thursday Jan 2013

A hot air balloon ride in Siem Reap

After our island excursion in Sihanoukville we took a short flight to Siem Reap.  On day two, we managed to arrange a ride on the first hot air balloon in Cambodia.  I’ve been on a hot air balloon before while traveling in Egypt but riding one in Siem Reap is something that I cannot pass on.

Hot Air Balloon

We made a few phone calls and got ourselves a spot for the sunset slot.   Each reservation includes a free pick-up from the hotel.  About an hour before our scheduled flight’s time, a mini-van came to our hotel and we were greeted by the hot air balloon coordinator, making us felt comfortable that we got on the right pick-up van.  After a few rounds of picking up guests, we made our way to the outskirt of Siem Reap.   The drive was an experience on its own; we were taken to a rice paddy field, not far from the city.

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15 Tuesday Jan 2013

Koh Rong excursion

Recently we made an excursion to Koh Rong, a remote island off the coast of Sihanoukville province.  The island is located about 2 to 3 hours boat ride from the coast.  Getting to the island can be challenging but it can be easily arranged by a travel agency.

Boat to Koh Rong island

Our trip began with a bus ride from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville.  We decided to take the Soriya bus, but there is a number of other bus operators that provide transfers from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Once arrived to the bus station in Sihanoukville, there were plenty of remork and moto-taxi that could easily take you to any hostel or hotel in the city.  The bus price was reasonable but the remork price for foreigners was much higher than for the locals.

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04 Sunday Nov 2012

Top 5 Things To Do in Siem Reap: A Timeless Guide for Khmers and Foreigners


angkor Wat- Leny Keo

Angkor Wat – by Leny Keo (image above)

Siem Reap is one of the ancient city in Cambodia. It attracts millions of tourists from around the world.  For those first timers visiting Siem Reap, you may be asking  yourself, “what is there to do?”  This is my second time visiting Siem Reap, and these are five things that I recommend.

1-      Visit Angkor Wat and experience the sunrise

At Angkor Wat in the morning

In Siem Reap, there are more than a thousand temples.  The main tourist temple attractions are Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom Temple and Bayon.

Tip: It is also really amazing if we could wake up at 4 AM in the morning and watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. You will catch the beautiful and unforgettable sunrise.

2-      Experience the Sunset

Bakeng Mountain by Leny Keo

Bakeng Mountain – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place that has the landscape for watching the sunset  is Bakheng Mountian. We have to climb Bakheng Mountain around 4 PM.  The sunset will be around 5:30 to 6 PM. This is another amazing experience that should not be missed.  Have your camera ready, and find yourself a vacant space on this hill so that you can capture the eye-catching landscape of Angkor city and the sunset.


3-      Kissing the statue

bayon nose- credit Bun Leap

Bayon’s Nose – credited to Bun Leap (image above)

This is a bizarre yet amusing picture that attracts many people including me to take a photo at Bayon Temple. Having your photo taken in this position is so popular that every tour guide always recommends to their guests.

4-     Go Shopping at Night Market

Night Market-Leny Keo

Night Market – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place to shop in Siem Reap is the night market.  At the night market, you can buy souvenirs such as the t-shirts, scarves, pillow cases, purses…etc. The price is reasonable and the products are good quality but be ready to haggled your way to a deal.

5-      Pub Street

Pub Street-Keo Leny

Pub Street – by Keo Leny (image above)

There are a lot of restaurants along Pub Street.  The food is good and cheap. You will be entertained with all kinds of music and drinks.  I tried the fruit punch and blue martini.  The night life starts from 7 pm until 2 am in the morning.



These are the five things that I want to do and see when I am in Siem Reap. If you have other special places and things to do that you have in mind, please share with me.