18 Monday Nov 2013

Petra – the middle eastern food of Phnom Penh

Missing falafel and pita bread? This summer, Petra, the new middle eastern restaurant, opens its door right in the middle of BKK1, offering a variety of those hard to find authentic Arab foods.  The restaurant is a conversion of a small villa but with no fence.  There are outdoor patio for those who want to enjoy Hookah (or Shisha) and indoor seatings in the nice air conditioning room.

The food was great. We had some falafel served with pita bread, a bunch of grilled meat – chicken, lamb, and beef, an oven baked pizza, and some very tasty iced tea. This restaurant brought a new look to pita bread. Unlike the usual flat pita bread you used to see in the grocery store, their pita bread was warm and puffy, perfect for the hummus dips.

photo 1

Hookak (or Shisha) came in various flavors — green apple, cherry, mint…etc.  The bong itself was large and had more interesting designs than the ones at Harem, the hookah bar next to the Riverhouse restaurant.

photo 2

The restaurant also offered traditional arab costumes that guests could use them for dressing up and taking photo.  During our visit, we managed to do it and really enjoyed ourselves.

Overall, I would recommend our readers to check out Petra, if not for the food, at least for the Hookahs.

13 Wednesday Nov 2013

The Common Tiger – restaurant in Phnom Penh

BKK1 is attracting many visitors both locals and tourists.  Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, pubs, fitness centers, schools and NGOs are just the fews that are sprawling in this neighborhood.  The Common Tiger is just another great addition to our BKK1 neighborhood.

Finding this restaurant is not too difficult.  Street 294 houses Wild Wing, Costa Coffee and Blue Pumpkin.  The restaurant itself is situated inside a small villa in BKK1, with a large garden offering outdoor seating as well.  The interior mimics the atmosphere of a high class french restaurant with dimmed lighting.

The concept of this restaurant is highly unique.  The menu gets changed every 3 days so that frequent diners would not get bored with the same dishes.  The time that we visited the restaurant, here is the menu

1) cured duck breast, avocado and asparagus
2) poached prawns, smoked tomato panna cotta, sauce vierge
3) steamed mushroom creme, mushroom, tofu salad
4) baked seabass rubbed with yellow curry, tamarind and new potatoes
5) fillet and belly of pork with shitake, and cauliflower
6) passionfruit tart, white chocolate and cashew nut
7) frozen mango parfait, coconut sticky rice


On that particular evening, we ordered all the dishes on the menu.  Each dish was full of surprise.  The savory taste blend between western techniques and khmer ingredients gave the wow factors.  I cannot recall whether any dish was mediocre or less.  It seemed to me that all the dishes were splendid and I am dying to go back there again.


As you would expect from a high end restaurant, the chef personally stepped out of the kitchen and explained the ingredients and cooking techniques of each dish.  The chef gave his personal presentation on all dishes, making our dining experience even more personal and special.  It gave us diners a sense of overwhelming feeling by his hospitality and attention.

09 Saturday Nov 2013

York Hotel Singapore [Guest Review]

lobby- York Hotel Singapore

lobby- York Hotel Singapore

Last week, we have a guest review about York Hotel Singapore. Here I would like to share all  readers:

“That great we was stayed at York Hotel. Staff over there very pleasure with customer. I hope next time will contact you ( IRG) again. Thanks ”   Saroeun S. Cambodia

Superior- Twin Roon - York Hotel Singapore

Superior- Twin Roon – York Hotel Singapore

York Hotel Singapore 

York Hotel Singapore is located in the heart of the city. It is just a 5 minutes walk to Singapore’s main shopping area, Orchard Road. Guests seeking medical services can walk to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in 3 minutes. Apart from being an ideal location for tourists, the hotel’s location also caters to business travelers since it is situated within close proximity to the Central Business District. Other than their brilliant location, York Hotel boasts 407 sophisticated and luxurious rooms well appointed with modern facilities which are bound to make their guests’ stay a wonderful one. The hotel’s facilities include beverage outlets, fitness center, and an outdoor pool. A luxurious and magnificent property, York Hotel guarantees a great stay.

If you want to book this hotel, please feel free visit our website: IRG Dream: http://www.dream.myirg.com/ and via e-mail: [email protected] Don’t forget to like us on facebook: MyIRG and follow us on twitter @IRG Go.

09 Monday Sep 2013

Do Forni – a italian gem restaurant at the Sofitel Phnom Penh

Do Forni, a high profile italian restaurant in Phnom Penh, was on our list to be reviewed for this month.  Although it is not our first time dining at Do Forni, this is our first time writing a full article on it.

This restaurant is a little hidden from the array of restaurants inside the Sofitel Phnom Penh.  If you ask me, I like that it is somewhat situated far from the main lobby.  Constructed right next to the hotel’s pool, this cute little italian restaurant offers an open space kitchen and dining area.  The glass wall allows the diners to easily gaze into the outdoor space.  Dining in the evening has a great feeling to it.  A lightly dimmed ambiance provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.  In my opinion this restaurant definitely deserves a five star dining experience in Phnom Penh.


The menu is rather expressive.  A full selection of italian appetizers ranging from tuna carpacchio to bruschetta, always serving with the most elegant touches to each dish. Our carpaccio, having such a mouth-watering look, was a little bland to our taste, unlike our previous encounter.  The milestone vegetable soup was so earthy and tasty in every bites.  For our main courses, we had the veal and sea-bass fish.  The veal was perfectly cooked to my liking. A dash of spicy pepper gave it the right kick.  The sea-bass was again on the bland side of thing.  As for dessert, we tried the tiramisu and pistachio ice cream, severed in a martini glass.  Very classy.

All and all Do Forni is a remarkable restaurant and worth to try.


27 Tuesday Aug 2013

Sunrise Tacos Phnom Penh

This month is the official opening of Sunrise Tacos in Phnom Penh.  Situated in the best neighborhood Boeung Keng Kang 1, this restaurant reintroduces Mexican cuisines to our local diners.  It is not easy to find a Mexican restaurant in Phnom Penh, let alone one in proximity of the city center.

The restaurant’s interior is a hit’n miss.  A few pieces of furnitures were somewhat hispanic influences, but the ceiling lights are somewhat eclectic from various inspirations maybe it wasn’t meant to be there.  The rustic walls and floors were meant to be unfinished and artsy, but it was hard to pin-point whether this rustic looks really fit the theme of the restaurant.  Maybe this is just my personal opinion.

Sunrise Tacos offers a variety of commonly known Mexican cuisines such as taco, quesadilla, burrito, margarita and more.  Not included in the menu is an endless set of self-serving salsa (that you serve yourself).


For starters, we had ordered the bottomless chips and salsa.  The chips were somewhat oily and had a fairly burned oil taste.  It did not compliment well with the delicious salsa.  Giving us tortilla chips would have been a better choice.   As for the main course, we had ordered three beef tacos, one beef burritos, one chicken quesadilla and their strawberry margaritas.  For an extra 50 cents, we received a small plate of sour cream.  It’d been better to include this in the set, instead of us asking for it.  The self serving salsa came handy, thus it was a great addition to our meal.  Only Corona beer is available.  Other mexican beers are not yet available.  The price was also a bit pricy for mexican foods, even if most of ingredients are to be imported.

Overall, we give this restaurant a 3 stars.   You should check this restaurant yourself and be the judge of it.

01 Monday Jul 2013

Toto Ramen, the ramen of Phnom Penh

Now to many  of our readers out there, the word “Toto” often refers to the brandname of the bathroom supplies.  This article however refers to the “Toto” ice cream, bbq and ramen noodle shops in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Toto ice cream shop is a well-known name among the many children and teenagers living in the city.  This infamous ice cream parlor opens its first branch on Norodom boulevard, next to the Chatamuk elementary and middle school, leaving many school kids happily satisfied.   Right next to the ice cream shop is the Toto ramen noodle joint.  Only having been opened no more than 6 months, this noodle shop is now a common place for our many Phnom Penh noodle lovers. The shop serves many japanese and asian noodle style soups.

When I was asked to check out this restaurant, I was at first skeptic of how well the chef would deliver the true essence of ramen, but without a doubt, I was not going to let my presumption be the best of me.

To my surprise, the store itself was quite cozy.  A lot of detail touches were spent on the decoration, making the shop felt so Japanese and alive.  An opened kitchen is connected to the dining area.  The placemat is an eye catcher.  A big bold blue color shapes surrounding the ramen noodle bowl, paired with a  wooden chopstick, was easily notice as you entered the store.  If you seated facing the left side wall, you would have noticed three ramen noodle soups displaying with great presence, leaving you feeling hungry for a taste.


My first noodle bowl was a heavenly “Tempura Ramen” soup.  At first look, I noticed the golden brown shrimp tempura, perfectly whole intact, drunk  deep inside the ramen soup.  A quick lift of my chopsticks, I gathered a chopstick-full of ramen noodle and shoved into my eager mouth.  Splendid did not describe how well the noodle tasted.  Scrumptious, delectable and mouthwatering were adjectives rolling off my hungry-for-more tongue.  I really enjoyed my shrimp tempura ramen noodle soup as much as the guy sitting next to me since he finished his noodle soup within 5 gulps.  I had many ramen soups before — everything from those college instant noodle to five star Japanese ramen store in New York, but I must say our little Toto ramen noodle shop deserves a place on my top list for places to dine in Phnom Penh.


17 Monday Jun 2013

The Asian Kitchen in Phnom Penh

The Asian Kitchen opened its door  to Phnom Penh food lovers on Saturday June 15, 2013.   This restaurant is well known in Singapore, and now it finally makes it appearance in Cambodia on the Monivong boulevard, in front of Wat Koh pagoda.  Last night, we decided to check it out knowing that we may face with new restaurant unpreparedness but we chose to test out our luck.


As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the hostess, wearing all black uniform with a sign The Asian Kitchen on the back.  There were three VIP tables situated on the back wall.   Near the entrance, to the left was the kitchen with an opened glass wall, and to the right was the cashier desk.   The interior of this restaurant was quite bright for an evening dinner.  The hostess seated us to one of three VIP tables.  Now unlike other chinese VIP tables, they were not closed to everyone.  The separation was divided by a steel wall decorated with series of hollow shapes.  One could easily see through the hollow shapes to the next table.   Also there was no door for the VIP rooms, so one could say that these tables are just seating area and not eating room.


Similar to the Emperors of China restaurant, the restaurant offered a you-do-it-yourself menu selection.  Situated on the table, there were several pamphlets of tri-fold menu.  Each dish was labeled in three languages — Khmer, Chinese and English, with a box next to it.  Each customer could easily write down the quantity in the box provided per dish.

For the evening, we selected the Trip Joy, a combination of roast duck, chicken and pork.; lucheon fried rice; egg rolls; and green beans with salty eggs stir fried.   The portion was small, enough for a group of 3 to 4.  On the menu, there were egg noodle soup with wonton, roast duck or pork.  Note that this restaurant did not offer dim sum.   The kitchen was quite fast despite that it was the second day after the opening night.


There was still a small issue with our order.  Not all of our food selection came out.  The manager came to apologize for the inconvenience.  The restaurant did not charge us for those dishes that never came out.   All and all the restaurant received a 3.5 stars from us.  We are sure to visit it again soon.

For contact information and map, please click here.


12 Wednesday Jun 2013

Discover The DUCK bistro restaurant of Phnom Penh

Last night our small group of friends decided to check out the recently opened restaurant The DUCK.  This contemporary bistro is situated in the heart of Phnom Penh, a short walk across from Build Bright University (BBU) and 5 houses down from META House.  Like many other restaurants in Phnom Penh, parking can be tricky.  If you are not familiar with the area, our advice is to leave your vehicle parked around the small garden across from BBU.


Once entered into the bistro, our first notice was the large mirrors hanging on the left and back walls.  The dining area was connected to an opened kitchen, which is rare to find in Phnom Penh. The room ambiance had a warm feel to it with a dimly orange glow lighting, giving a sense of seclusion.

The menu choice was divided into three set — breakfast/drinks menu, wine menu, and dining menu.  Soft drinks were not listed in the menu yet, mainly juices were available, but you could ask the servers for coke, sprite and such.  The wine menu was rather impressive.  A wide range of White and Red wines was available for your liking.

For appetizer, we went for the pate and cured salmon.  The pate was served with pesto dips, chili sun-dried tomatoes dips, and brochette bread.  Since the pate was sized for 4 people, we had to ask for more bread so to empty the pate’s plate. It was that delicious.

As for main course, we decided for the prawn linguini (Prawn Linguini, Chili Prawn Oil, Rocket Pesto, Extra Virgin Olive Oil), the lamb shank ragout (Lamb Shank Ragout Pappardelle, Tomato, Olives, Lemon Oil, Pecorino), the Norwegian salmon (Seared Fresh Salmon Fillet Norwegian, Braised Tomato Sugo, Cilantro, Teriyaki Glaze) and the duck breast.


We were really impressed with the salmon and the duck breast.  The red sauce reduction was the perfect compliment to the salmon.

Besides the good food and atmosphere, this restaurant had great customer service.  The staffs were very attentive.  The only downside to this restaurant was the opened kitchen, which will leave your clothes smelling like foods afterward.   Personally I did not mind so much the order as long as the food is food and the service is particular.   Overall, we gave this restaurant a 4.0 star.  We would highly recommend everyone to check out this restaurant.   Make sure to call in first because its popularity is spreading fast; finding on the spot tables may be difficult to do nowadays. 

Restaurant’s number: 089 823 704

26 Sunday May 2013

Our love for Dim Sum is now available at the Central Market

Recently our favorite dim sum place opened its second location at the Central Market.  Located on the corner of the Khemarak Phomin street and the Central Market round-about, this dim sum place sets out for both the locals and foreigners.
Since we cannot have enough of them dim sums, we just had to go there again.   The menu selection is the still same as the one near Olympic stadium.  To read about our previous article, please click here.


15 Friday Mar 2013

The first Burger King in the Kingdom

BURGER KING @ Phnom Penh International Airport

Burger King

Burger King