10 Tuesday Mar 2015

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10 Tuesday Mar 2015

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

08 Saturday Mar 2014

Bus Rental service to Koh Kong by ISPP – Teacher’s Review

IRG  offered bus rental service to ISPP ( International School of Phnom Penh ) for taking students to Koh Kong Province. We got a good review from teacher below:

” Brydie was very impressed with the driver who took them to Koh Kong.  He was very safe, professional and everything went very smoothly.
Holly G.
ISPP- International School of Phnom Penh
bus rental by ISPP

bus rental by ISPP

Chair With seatbelt

Chair With seat belt

Teacher called name of students

Teacher called name of students

IRG wishes to serve that service to ISPP again next year and we are really happy to bring the students to their destination and came back safely.

IRG Car Rental

IRG Car Rental

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IRG Go: www.myirg.com T: +855 23 99 57 25 E-mail: go[at]myirg.com


07 Tuesday Jan 2014

Cambodia Photo in January

In this album we would like to highlight some of the little wonders that are with us here in Cambodia ! Some items that are truly unique to Cambodia and make our kingdom special.

1- Pepper

Pepper, Kampong Cham

Pepper, Kampong Cham


2- Rer mork tourist

Rermork Tourist

Rermork Tourist


3-  the Chocolate at Street240

the Chocolate Shop at Street240

the Chocolate Shop at Street240


4-  TK Avenue ( Toul Kork Downtown)

TK Avenue

TK Avenue


5- Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

These photos are taken by Leny KEO

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09 Monday Dec 2013

The Gallery: Cambodia Photos in December

Talking about taking photo, everybody like to photograph.  I would like to share some photos about Cambodia.

Budha in the night

Buddha in the night

Buddha statue in the night: this is located in Takeo Province. I took it while I went to Kathen Tien, a buddhist ceremony.

The Ocean Forest.

The Ocean Forest.

The  Forest Ocean located in Sen Monorom City of Mondulkiri Province.  It is called the forest ocean because of the trees growing on the mountain like the wave of sea. This is why people called it Samot Chheur or The Forest Ocean.

Num Ka Chhay - Street food

Num Ka Chhay – Street food

Num Ka Chhay is a kind of street food that Khmer people like to eat. You can find it on street and in local market.

I hope you enjoy to these photos and please leave me a comment.   Enjoy your travel in December.

01 Sunday Dec 2013

Refection on My Stay at Nature Lodge

For the long holiday, Water Festival in Cambodia, my friends and I went to visit Mondulkiri. We chose Nature Lodge for our accommodation in the Senmonorom area of Mondulkiri province.

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge provided a relaxing retreat on 6 hectares of beautiful greenery  in Sen Monorom of Mondulkiri Province. Guests could enjoy a refreshing dip in the spring located just steps away from the lodge.

Nature Lodge Village provided cosy rooms and standalone bungalows with private terraces and comfortable lounge areas. Everyone enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountains. Some bungalows had 2 separate bedrooms and a large bathroom.

The resort was a 10-minute drive from Sen Monorom City’s Bus Station and 2 km from town centre. Phnom Penh International Airport was situated 370 km away.

My Point View When I first visited 

This resort has a so beautiful landscape as comparable to the landscapes in Europe or in America. If you have been to Europe, you would felt that place was similar.  During our visit, there were lots of guests came to stay.  Many visitors were from South Korea, China, Malaysia, America, Australia, and France.  Mostly they made their bookings with travel agencies and online hotel booking websites.

I stayed in a twin-bed room which had a great view of the mountain. We had a wonderful time staying there. At night, my friend was shocked because there was a frog on his bed, and this was not a bad experience. This frog made us laugh together.  Moreover, when I went to the restroom, there were many ants in there. This was a great experience in my life to stay and sleep with those bugs.

The Restaurant and Cafe served a wide variety of foods, ranging from Mediterranean, European and Cambodian dishes. The Bar and Lounge offered a selection of wines and local drinks.

The Nature Lodge gave me a great experience and it was worth the stay.   —  By Leny

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Walk Street at Nature Lodge

Walk Street at Nature Lodge

Sit in a circle @ Natur Lodge

Sit in a circle @ Nature Lodge

Book this Nature Lodge at Senmonorom, Mondulkiri

T: +855 23 99 57 25 , E: [email protected] , W: [email protected]

27 Wednesday Nov 2013

Thanksgiving in Phnom Penh

This year, thanksgiving falls on Thursday November 28th, a weekday. Organizing a group dinner would have been cumbersome. We had decided to host the dinner on Saturday prior to the actual date instead.


Finding a turkey in Phnom Penh wasn’t too difficult. Stores like Lucky, Bayon supermarkets carried brands like Butterball and Honeysuckle. We purchased a 13 lb turkey for a group of 12. Lucky supermarket also carried Stovetop stuffings but not cranberry (no frozen nor canned ones), so we had to improvise.

Thanksgiving wasn’t not so hyped up to be here in Phnom Penh as oppose to Christmas, which many restaurants, shops and hotels are more susceptible to celebrating it.  Only a handful of restaurants and hotels would serve Thanksgiving meal.  Digby’s, Hagar, Vespa, Sofitel are some of the fews that served Thanksgiving meal.  You could order a thanksgiving meal (including turkey, ham, stuffings and more) from Digby’s and Hagar.

01 Friday Nov 2013

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2013



The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon will be held on December 01 2013. For runners who want to join this race we offer an online hotel booking options here on IRG Dream | www.dream.myirg.com .

Specially established in Angkor Wat Ruins in front of the Central Sanctuary of Angkor Wat (Start & Finish Line). Passing Prasat Kravan – Prasat Bat Chun – Banteay Kdey – Ta Prohm – Baphoun – Bayon – South Gate – Basie Cham Krong – Phom Bakheng – Ta Phrom Kei – and back to the front of the Central Sanctuary of Angkor Wat (Finish Line). See Course Map (Acknowledged by AIMS and IAAF). Running course will be marked the number of kilometre. ChampionChip Check Point will be at Angkor Thom (Bayon Temple). Continue reading

09 Monday Sep 2013

Do Forni – a italian gem restaurant at the Sofitel Phnom Penh

Do Forni, a high profile italian restaurant in Phnom Penh, was on our list to be reviewed for this month.  Although it is not our first time dining at Do Forni, this is our first time writing a full article on it.

This restaurant is a little hidden from the array of restaurants inside the Sofitel Phnom Penh.  If you ask me, I like that it is somewhat situated far from the main lobby.  Constructed right next to the hotel’s pool, this cute little italian restaurant offers an open space kitchen and dining area.  The glass wall allows the diners to easily gaze into the outdoor space.  Dining in the evening has a great feeling to it.  A lightly dimmed ambiance provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.  In my opinion this restaurant definitely deserves a five star dining experience in Phnom Penh.


The menu is rather expressive.  A full selection of italian appetizers ranging from tuna carpacchio to bruschetta, always serving with the most elegant touches to each dish. Our carpaccio, having such a mouth-watering look, was a little bland to our taste, unlike our previous encounter.  The milestone vegetable soup was so earthy and tasty in every bites.  For our main courses, we had the veal and sea-bass fish.  The veal was perfectly cooked to my liking. A dash of spicy pepper gave it the right kick.  The sea-bass was again on the bland side of thing.  As for dessert, we tried the tiramisu and pistachio ice cream, severed in a martini glass.  Very classy.

All and all Do Forni is a remarkable restaurant and worth to try.


07 Saturday Sep 2013

Article Featured in the Phnom Penh Post

Did you see it?  IRG’s director sat down for an interview with Phnom Penh Post’s Laura Ma for an interview on the state of tourism in Cambodia.  Here is a link to the article featured on 6 September 2013 in the business section.


We at IRG are very grateful for this opportunity.