14 Tuesday Aug 2012

Bambu Hotel Battambang

On the several occasions that I made way to Battambang province, the northeastern part of Cambodia, finding accommodation in this city is frantically better than years ago.  Boutique hotels are not well publicized, but now thank to the world wide web, we can now find these amazing hidden boutique hotels through Google.  For this post, I want to share with our readers about my impression of Bambu Hotel in Battambang.

Bambu Hotel is situated on K.O Street, the infamous street of Battambang. In prior years, K.O Street was well known for its red light district.  Nowadays this street has become tame and highly respected by many locals.

The 16 room boutique hotel confounds me with its most unexpected atmosphere, or so-called “luxury in the middle of a rice farming province”.  Passing through the reception area, you are welcomed to an outdoor bar, and an enormous outdoor swimming pool thereafter.  A quick glance, without having being in it, you won’t have guessed that this is one of those salted (non-chorine) pools. The idea of having a salted body of water in a landlocked province seems comical to me, but it still beats having a pool than not having one, especially during the hot summer days.

Bambu Hotel Battambang

The rooms are built in the expectation of rural Cambodian housing.  Wood planks and wooden armoires are found in each room.  Even though air conditioning is available, each room is complete with mosquito net for each bed. No complaints there.

During one of my stays, the weather was not on my side and I was stranded at the hotel for dinner.  Surprisingly I was astonished by the food prepared at this hotel.  The fried rice is so delicious and merely simple.  The presentation and place setting wows your appetite and the staff are really amicable, making the meal even more enjoyable.

Bambu Hotel Battambang

Overall this hotel ranks high on my list of hotels in Battambang.  A couple of other hotels in Battambang are Le Villa Hotel and Phka Villa Hotel.