07 Tuesday Jan 2014

Cambodia Photo in January

In this album we would like to highlight some of the little wonders that are with us here in Cambodia ! Some items that are truly unique to Cambodia and make our kingdom special.

1- Pepper

Pepper, Kampong Cham

Pepper, Kampong Cham


2- Rer mork tourist

Rermork Tourist

Rermork Tourist


3-  the Chocolate at Street240

the Chocolate Shop at Street240

the Chocolate Shop at Street240


4-  TK Avenue ( Toul Kork Downtown)

TK Avenue

TK Avenue


5- Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

Buddha on Sale at Toul Tom Pong Market

These photos are taken by Leny KEO

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09 Monday Dec 2013

The Gallery: Cambodia Photos in December

Talking about taking photo, everybody like to photograph.  I would like to share some photos about Cambodia.

Budha in the night

Buddha in the night

Buddha statue in the night: this is located in Takeo Province. I took it while I went to Kathen Tien, a buddhist ceremony.

The Ocean Forest.

The Ocean Forest.

The  Forest Ocean located in Sen Monorom City of Mondulkiri Province.  It is called the forest ocean because of the trees growing on the mountain like the wave of sea. This is why people called it Samot Chheur or The Forest Ocean.

Num Ka Chhay - Street food

Num Ka Chhay – Street food

Num Ka Chhay is a kind of street food that Khmer people like to eat. You can find it on street and in local market.

I hope you enjoy to these photos and please leave me a comment.   Enjoy your travel in December.

01 Sunday Dec 2013

Refection on My Stay at Nature Lodge

For the long holiday, Water Festival in Cambodia, my friends and I went to visit Mondulkiri. We chose Nature Lodge for our accommodation in the Senmonorom area of Mondulkiri province.

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge provided a relaxing retreat on 6 hectares of beautiful greenery  in Sen Monorom of Mondulkiri Province. Guests could enjoy a refreshing dip in the spring located just steps away from the lodge.

Nature Lodge Village provided cosy rooms and standalone bungalows with private terraces and comfortable lounge areas. Everyone enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountains. Some bungalows had 2 separate bedrooms and a large bathroom.

The resort was a 10-minute drive from Sen Monorom City’s Bus Station and 2 km from town centre. Phnom Penh International Airport was situated 370 km away.

My Point View When I first visited 

This resort has a so beautiful landscape as comparable to the landscapes in Europe or in America. If you have been to Europe, you would felt that place was similar.  During our visit, there were lots of guests came to stay.  Many visitors were from South Korea, China, Malaysia, America, Australia, and France.  Mostly they made their bookings with travel agencies and online hotel booking websites.

I stayed in a twin-bed room which had a great view of the mountain. We had a wonderful time staying there. At night, my friend was shocked because there was a frog on his bed, and this was not a bad experience. This frog made us laugh together.  Moreover, when I went to the restroom, there were many ants in there. This was a great experience in my life to stay and sleep with those bugs.

The Restaurant and Cafe served a wide variety of foods, ranging from Mediterranean, European and Cambodian dishes. The Bar and Lounge offered a selection of wines and local drinks.

The Nature Lodge gave me a great experience and it was worth the stay.   —  By Leny

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge

Walk Street at Nature Lodge

Walk Street at Nature Lodge

Sit in a circle @ Natur Lodge

Sit in a circle @ Nature Lodge

Book this Nature Lodge at Senmonorom, Mondulkiri

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07 Friday Jun 2013

Traveling to Preah Vihear province and Beng Mealea temple

Earlier this week, we traveled to Tbeng Meanchey, the capital city of Preah Vihear province.  We were surprised that the road was well developed.  To get to Tbeng Meanchey from Phnom Penh, the easiest route was to drive along National Road 6 until you reached the capital city of Kompong Thom.   Here the road splited.  Heading left would have led us to Siem Reap.  Steering right led us to Tbeng Meanchey.  The entire trip took us less than 5 five hours.

tbeng meanchey

Although our trip was not intended for sightseeing or a visit to Preah Vihear temple, we managed to see more of the city had to offer.  The town itself was relatively small.  Once you reached the round-about with a man-made statue, you knew that you were in the vicinity of the city.   There were two main roads crossing through the city.  One road would lead you to the local market, where you can find local vegetables and game meats.  A few beer gardens and fruit stands were spread out through out the city.   As for accommodation, we recommended staying at Home Vathanak.  We were surprised how clean this hotel was compared to other guesthouses and hotels that we had stayed in Kratie and Rattanakiri.   Unfortunately Tbeng Meanchey did not have any boutique hotel like those found in Battambang city.  All and all, I found Home Vathanak was a simple and the cleanest accommodation in the city.


For lunch and dinner, we ate at those beer garden places, not far from the provincial town hall.  For dessert, we hit up the local market for traditional Khmer desserts.  It was some what questionable how hygienic the place was, but it was manageable.  The local fresh fruits were much cheaper at the market than those fruit stands by the round-about statue.

After spending one night in Tbeng Meanchey, we made our way to Beng Mealea temple, which was on the route heading west toward Siem Reap city.

beang mealea

Beng Mealea temple was one the farthest temple from Siem Reap city.  Luckily for us, we could easily get to the temple from Tbeng Meanchey.  The temple was not seemed to be well known to tourists.  The structure was still in ruin.  A lot of debris were found through the temple.  It was said that this temple has a moat inside.  From the large and old tree grew within the temple, it was somewhat resembled the Bayon temple.  Walking through the temple was easier than I thought.  Wooden planks were setup through out the temple.  The strange part was that the planks setup right above the temple roof; essentially you were practically strolling above the temple and looking down to the structure below.  We highly recommend people to visit this temple.  It is really worth the drive.



25 Thursday Apr 2013

Sokha Beach Resort and Sokha Angkor Resort- Only 85$

Sokha Group Hotel

Sokha Group Hotel

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28 Thursday Mar 2013

Visit Angkor Wat in The Morning

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat is one of the famous temple in Cambodia.

Tips: Everybody waits for the sunset – why not catch the amazing sunrise at Angkor Wat instead . Continue reading

14 Thursday Mar 2013

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Ta ProhmTa Prohm

Ta Prohm


Ta Prohm (a.k.a- Rajavihara) is a temple at the ancient city of Angkor located in nowadays Cambodia, Ta Prohm temple was built in the Bayon style close to the end of the 12th century.
Ta Prohm temple is different from the majority of Angkorian temples since it was not changed or renovated since it was found.

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16 Wednesday Jan 2013

Special Offer – Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

thansur bokor resort

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

iscover the first and only highland resort in the Mekong Sub-Region amid the pristine jungle wilderness and pleasant cool weather on the beautifully landscaped hill on the Bokor Mountain, Kingdom of Cambodia. The resort is 45 minutes drive from Kampot town and 170 minutes away from Phnom Penh. Continue reading

04 Sunday Nov 2012

Top 5 Things To Do in Siem Reap: A Timeless Guide for Khmers and Foreigners


angkor Wat- Leny Keo

Angkor Wat – by Leny Keo (image above)

Siem Reap is one of the ancient city in Cambodia. It attracts millions of tourists from around the world.  For those first timers visiting Siem Reap, you may be asking  yourself, “what is there to do?”  This is my second time visiting Siem Reap, and these are five things that I recommend.

1-      Visit Angkor Wat and experience the sunrise

At Angkor Wat in the morning

In Siem Reap, there are more than a thousand temples.  The main tourist temple attractions are Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom Temple and Bayon.

Tip: It is also really amazing if we could wake up at 4 AM in the morning and watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. You will catch the beautiful and unforgettable sunrise.

2-      Experience the Sunset

Bakeng Mountain by Leny Keo

Bakeng Mountain – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place that has the landscape for watching the sunset  is Bakheng Mountian. We have to climb Bakheng Mountain around 4 PM.  The sunset will be around 5:30 to 6 PM. This is another amazing experience that should not be missed.  Have your camera ready, and find yourself a vacant space on this hill so that you can capture the eye-catching landscape of Angkor city and the sunset.


3-      Kissing the statue

bayon nose- credit Bun Leap

Bayon’s Nose – credited to Bun Leap (image above)

This is a bizarre yet amusing picture that attracts many people including me to take a photo at Bayon Temple. Having your photo taken in this position is so popular that every tour guide always recommends to their guests.

4-     Go Shopping at Night Market

Night Market-Leny Keo

Night Market – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place to shop in Siem Reap is the night market.  At the night market, you can buy souvenirs such as the t-shirts, scarves, pillow cases, purses…etc. The price is reasonable and the products are good quality but be ready to haggled your way to a deal.

5-      Pub Street

Pub Street-Keo Leny

Pub Street – by Keo Leny (image above)

There are a lot of restaurants along Pub Street.  The food is good and cheap. You will be entertained with all kinds of music and drinks.  I tried the fruit punch and blue martini.  The night life starts from 7 pm until 2 am in the morning.



These are the five things that I want to do and see when I am in Siem Reap. If you have other special places and things to do that you have in mind, please share with me.

12 Friday Oct 2012

Pchum Ben Day – The Day of Spirit in Cambodia

All cultures honor their dead ancestors, but Cambodia makes it an art form. It is called Bon Pchum Ben Day. Every year,  15 days are devoted to honor the family that is no longer here. Tradition dictates that every year, around September or October, depending on the Buddhist calendar, must be devoted to making the family of previous generations happy.

Every Cambodian visits at least 2 pagodas to bring food, money and other favorite things of the dead. If there is no evidence of a visit from the previous year, many fear that the spirits will put a curse on them because the family has forgotten them.

For many, visiting at least 7 pagodas within the 15 day period is the great. As the pagodas in the big cities get most of the donations, rich people try to visit the remote and far away ones, so the monks there can get a share of the bounty.  The big city ghosts that take a side trip won’t be disappointed.

Pchum Ben or Bon Kan Ben or Bon Dak Ben as this festival is referred to, is very colorful with thousands of Monks in saffron robes. Bon Kan Ben are days 1-4 while Pchum Ben is day 15 in which every Cambodian Buddhist must visit the pagodas.




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