23 Wednesday Apr 2014

French food in Phnom Penh

I have always a fascination for French food.  I think it has to do with my growing up while studying French in high school.   As small of a city as it is, Phnom Penh has quite a number of French restaurants to choose from.   I’ll do my best to describe my experiences.

La Residence (the old Ranaridth’s House)
By far, this French restaurant is on the top of the most expensive French restaurant in Phnom Penh.  It may on same list of the most expensive restaurant as well.   The atmosphere here is quite astonishing.  A waiting cafe bar is available while you’re expecting your friends to arrive.  An enclosed dining area or private room is available upon request.  The room’s aesthetic presents itself in the most refined wooden floor and white, creamy walls and ceilings, making the atmosphere so refined and elegant.  Each table is decorated with white linen and shinny silverwares, allowing the diners feel clean and refresh.

Le Gourmet (inside Naga World)
Located on the second floor of Naga World Casino and Hotel, this little restaurant has so much to offer.  Distance from all the noise, the atmosphere of this restaurant still gets a high remark from me. The setting is quiet radiance and white. You get the sense of sitting in a really 5 stars restaurant.

Topaz (next to Cambodia Angkor Air office, on Norodom Blvd)
This restaurant is one of the most visited French restaurant in Phnom Penh, in my opinion. The parking space is always filled up with nice fancy, luxury cars starting from 5pm daily. The restaurant offers both private and common sitting area. It’s a great place for a private event.

Open Wine (behind Royal Palace)
Open Wine is the smallest in size if compared with the three above. The outdoor sitting adds home feel to the atmosphere.  I recommend trying their duck here.


23 Wednesday Apr 2014

Van’s Restaurant Phnom Penh

One of the well known restaurant establishment in Phnom Penh is Van’s. This particular restaurant offers fine culinary french cuisines that are unparalleled to others in both technique and taste. The restaurant is situated on a corner street, across from the City Postal Office near the pagoda (Wat Phnom). A french colonial building houses this lovely restaurant. History says that this building was once the old Indochina Bank, making it a landmark of it own.