27 Wednesday Nov 2013

Thanksgiving in Phnom Penh

This year, thanksgiving falls on Thursday November 28th, a weekday. Organizing a group dinner would have been cumbersome. We had decided to host the dinner on Saturday prior to the actual date instead.


Finding a turkey in Phnom Penh wasn’t too difficult. Stores like Lucky, Bayon supermarkets carried brands like Butterball and Honeysuckle. We purchased a 13 lb turkey for a group of 12. Lucky supermarket also carried Stovetop stuffings but not cranberry (no frozen nor canned ones), so we had to improvise.

Thanksgiving wasn’t not so hyped up to be here in Phnom Penh as oppose to Christmas, which many restaurants, shops and hotels are more susceptible to celebrating it.  Only a handful of restaurants and hotels would serve Thanksgiving meal.  Digby’s, Hagar, Vespa, Sofitel are some of the fews that served Thanksgiving meal.  You could order a thanksgiving meal (including turkey, ham, stuffings and more) from Digby’s and Hagar.

26 Tuesday Nov 2013

Today Music in Phnom Penh

The popular radio and television stations in Phnom Penh are delivering mainstream music both local and international ones to our music lovers living in the city.  However we notice that Radio 97.5 MHz is the only popular station that plays American music.  So how do our Phnom Penh music listeners able to keep tab on the latest American music?

Thanks to social media and youtube, young Cambodians are now able to connect to western pop cultures easier than before.  Today online Khmer music websites are providing different outlets for our friends to be updated on the music scene, yet we still see that our local sites are still heavily focused on Khmer’s today pop music and not as much on American ones.

Discovering new artists is even more difficult as there isn’t any local website that has this focus. IRG wants to bridge this gap by developing a music website that delivers the latest music trends to the local music lovers.  During our development, we keep in mind that our site will need to be organized in a fashion that web viewers can easily navigate through the different languages.

banner IRG playSome of the more popular music labels in Cambodia are Raksmey Hang Meas (RHM), Town, M Production, Rock, Sunday, and Phleng record.  Only well known artists are signed to these records. Artists like Aok SokunKanha and Chhorn Sovannareach, are among the popular artists today.  Unlike American music where artist releases his or her own album, the music label production is the one who releases the album that contains songs from multiple artists.  Newly released albums are often found on Facebook and are not normally found in the record labels’ websites.   To ease web viewers finding new Khmer music, we set up a playlist for 50 Newest Songs and the left panel displaying only the newly released albums.

english music

On the IRG music website, we implement another playlist that plays only the hottest American songs.  Our content editors spend endless hours searching through music websites, in order to compile a list of newest American songs for our listeners.

18 Monday Nov 2013

Petra – the middle eastern food of Phnom Penh

Missing falafel and pita bread? This summer, Petra, the new middle eastern restaurant, opens its door right in the middle of BKK1, offering a variety of those hard to find authentic Arab foods.  The restaurant is a conversion of a small villa but with no fence.  There are outdoor patio for those who want to enjoy Hookah (or Shisha) and indoor seatings in the nice air conditioning room.

The food was great. We had some falafel served with pita bread, a bunch of grilled meat – chicken, lamb, and beef, an oven baked pizza, and some very tasty iced tea. This restaurant brought a new look to pita bread. Unlike the usual flat pita bread you used to see in the grocery store, their pita bread was warm and puffy, perfect for the hummus dips.

photo 1

Hookak (or Shisha) came in various flavors — green apple, cherry, mint…etc.  The bong itself was large and had more interesting designs than the ones at Harem, the hookah bar next to the Riverhouse restaurant.

photo 2

The restaurant also offered traditional arab costumes that guests could use them for dressing up and taking photo.  During our visit, we managed to do it and really enjoyed ourselves.

Overall, I would recommend our readers to check out Petra, if not for the food, at least for the Hookahs.

13 Wednesday Nov 2013

The Common Tiger – restaurant in Phnom Penh

BKK1 is attracting many visitors both locals and tourists.  Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, pubs, fitness centers, schools and NGOs are just the fews that are sprawling in this neighborhood.  The Common Tiger is just another great addition to our BKK1 neighborhood.

Finding this restaurant is not too difficult.  Street 294 houses Wild Wing, Costa Coffee and Blue Pumpkin.  The restaurant itself is situated inside a small villa in BKK1, with a large garden offering outdoor seating as well.  The interior mimics the atmosphere of a high class french restaurant with dimmed lighting.

The concept of this restaurant is highly unique.  The menu gets changed every 3 days so that frequent diners would not get bored with the same dishes.  The time that we visited the restaurant, here is the menu

1) cured duck breast, avocado and asparagus
2) poached prawns, smoked tomato panna cotta, sauce vierge
3) steamed mushroom creme, mushroom, tofu salad
4) baked seabass rubbed with yellow curry, tamarind and new potatoes
5) fillet and belly of pork with shitake, and cauliflower
6) passionfruit tart, white chocolate and cashew nut
7) frozen mango parfait, coconut sticky rice


On that particular evening, we ordered all the dishes on the menu.  Each dish was full of surprise.  The savory taste blend between western techniques and khmer ingredients gave the wow factors.  I cannot recall whether any dish was mediocre or less.  It seemed to me that all the dishes were splendid and I am dying to go back there again.


As you would expect from a high end restaurant, the chef personally stepped out of the kitchen and explained the ingredients and cooking techniques of each dish.  The chef gave his personal presentation on all dishes, making our dining experience even more personal and special.  It gave us diners a sense of overwhelming feeling by his hospitality and attention.

09 Saturday Nov 2013

York Hotel Singapore [Guest Review]

lobby- York Hotel Singapore

lobby- York Hotel Singapore

Last week, we have a guest review about York Hotel Singapore. Here I would like to share all  readers:

“That great we was stayed at York Hotel. Staff over there very pleasure with customer. I hope next time will contact you ( IRG) again. Thanks ”   Saroeun S. Cambodia

Superior- Twin Roon - York Hotel Singapore

Superior- Twin Roon – York Hotel Singapore

York Hotel Singapore 

York Hotel Singapore is located in the heart of the city. It is just a 5 minutes walk to Singapore’s main shopping area, Orchard Road. Guests seeking medical services can walk to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in 3 minutes. Apart from being an ideal location for tourists, the hotel’s location also caters to business travelers since it is situated within close proximity to the Central Business District. Other than their brilliant location, York Hotel boasts 407 sophisticated and luxurious rooms well appointed with modern facilities which are bound to make their guests’ stay a wonderful one. The hotel’s facilities include beverage outlets, fitness center, and an outdoor pool. A luxurious and magnificent property, York Hotel guarantees a great stay.

If you want to book this hotel, please feel free visit our website: IRG Dream: http://www.dream.myirg.com/ and via e-mail: [email protected] Don’t forget to like us on facebook: MyIRG and follow us on twitter @IRG Go.

01 Friday Nov 2013

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2013



The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon will be held on December 01 2013. For runners who want to join this race we offer an online hotel booking options here on IRG Dream | www.dream.myirg.com .

Specially established in Angkor Wat Ruins in front of the Central Sanctuary of Angkor Wat (Start & Finish Line). Passing Prasat Kravan – Prasat Bat Chun – Banteay Kdey – Ta Prohm – Baphoun – Bayon – South Gate – Basie Cham Krong – Phom Bakheng – Ta Phrom Kei – and back to the front of the Central Sanctuary of Angkor Wat (Finish Line). See Course Map (Acknowledged by AIMS and IAAF). Running course will be marked the number of kilometre. ChampionChip Check Point will be at Angkor Thom (Bayon Temple). Continue reading