22 Sunday Sep 2013

Travel Checklist: What Need When You Travel



Are you a first or frequent traveler around the globe? Yes, I am. Being a traveler, I have learned from experiences through my journey that there are many same things I should always travel with because they make my life so much easier. This is a list of my personal travel must-haves; use it as your personal checklist when I travel to anywhere!

What could you bring in your travel bag to make your life better? Here is a check list of mine. Travel can be stressful and need to plan carefully. You want to get your flight on time and be ready for it. And, you want to make sure you have everything you need in hand, but nothing more than that because you are the one that has to move your luggage(s) and carry-on from door to door.

Below is a list of all of the things that you may want (or need) to have at your fingertips during the course of your trip. Continue reading

12 Thursday Sep 2013

Key Term for Staying At Hotel

In hospitality industry, there are many keys term that are used. Today I would like to introduce you some key terms for making hotel reservation.

– Single Bed room = one bed for one person.

Single bed

Single Bed

Double Bed room = one bed for 2 people

double bed

double bed

– Twin Bed room = 2 beds for 2 people

twin bed

twin bed

– Triple Bed room = 2 or 3 beds for 3 people

Triple bed

Triple bed

Triple bed for 3 people

Triple bed for 3 people

This room above also counts as a triple room too because this room type fits three people. What we need to notice is that it has one double bed for 2 people and one single bed.

If your have any question, please feel free to comment and share this article to other readers. I also encourage you to check on our website: www.dream.myirg.com to learn more about room types.

11 Wednesday Sep 2013

Listen to Cambodian/Khmer music online

Khmer music is one of the most searched keywords on the internet in Cambodia.  Popular artists like Aok Sokunkanha, Chhorn Sovannareach, Nico, Preap Sovath, and Manith Jupiter are among the top names searched. Since pop culture is such a mainstream thing among the Cambodian youths, many music websites have sprung up all over the web, offering the latest and most popular songs with free live streaming online.

The music industry is so big in Cambodia, and many customers of other sectors can now connect to their favorite songs and artists through these online music websites.  Nowadays you will see  food and entertainment industries that would follow this trend.  Restaurants around the city will equip their stores with live music or setup speakers that would play all the latest and the current most popular songs.  This is a way for the hoteliers, shop owners and restaurant owners to engage and to attract their young customers.

IRG embraces this pop culture trend and has developed its own online music website called IRG Play.  Our Khmer music website has many features that any Khmer songs lovers out there would be able to enjoy their music with ease.  The critical step to building a successful Cambodian music website is to identify all the key features that are important to our music listeners.  Our first feature is the ability to recognize the top (or the hottest) songs played at the moment.  We create a playlist that would count the number of viewers of all our song collections.  The top 100 songs would be grouped into one playlist, and we add an extra filter function so that this playlist can filter the top 100 Khmer songs for the past 1 month, the past 3 months and so forth.   This extra feature will allow our web listeners the ability to see the most listened songs on our web.

Our second feature is the ability to navigate through our menu bar and select songs or music videos from the artist or from the record label (music production).  We’ve noticed that a lot of our web visitors are using this feature the most.  One can easily navigate through the artist by gender and select their favorite singer.

The third feature is the search function, where the web visitors can enter keyword into the search box and the website will generate a list of songs and music videos related to the searched words.  In the search result page, the web visitors will be able to listen to the song immediately by just clicking on the displayed songs in the search result list.

IRG Play: Create Your Own Playlist

IRG Play: Create Your Own Playlist

Recently IRG Play introduces another feature called Create Your Own Playlist. For this feature, we want our music lovers to be able to create their personal playlists (songs or music video playlists), add songs and music videos into their playlists, and share them with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email.  This introduction of Create Your Own Playlist is now readily available and we are seeing an increase of web traffic from this feature.

For the international travelers who visit Cambodia, please recognize that Khmer pop music is readily played at many restaurants and guesthouses.  Often during wedding ceremonies or birthday parties, these music will be blasted at every single occasions.  We hope that all music listeners both foreigner and local would be able to appreciate our music collection at IRG  Play.

09 Monday Sep 2013

Do Forni – a italian gem restaurant at the Sofitel Phnom Penh

Do Forni, a high profile italian restaurant in Phnom Penh, was on our list to be reviewed for this month.  Although it is not our first time dining at Do Forni, this is our first time writing a full article on it.

This restaurant is a little hidden from the array of restaurants inside the Sofitel Phnom Penh.  If you ask me, I like that it is somewhat situated far from the main lobby.  Constructed right next to the hotel’s pool, this cute little italian restaurant offers an open space kitchen and dining area.  The glass wall allows the diners to easily gaze into the outdoor space.  Dining in the evening has a great feeling to it.  A lightly dimmed ambiance provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.  In my opinion this restaurant definitely deserves a five star dining experience in Phnom Penh.


The menu is rather expressive.  A full selection of italian appetizers ranging from tuna carpacchio to bruschetta, always serving with the most elegant touches to each dish. Our carpaccio, having such a mouth-watering look, was a little bland to our taste, unlike our previous encounter.  The milestone vegetable soup was so earthy and tasty in every bites.  For our main courses, we had the veal and sea-bass fish.  The veal was perfectly cooked to my liking. A dash of spicy pepper gave it the right kick.  The sea-bass was again on the bland side of thing.  As for dessert, we tried the tiramisu and pistachio ice cream, severed in a martini glass.  Very classy.

All and all Do Forni is a remarkable restaurant and worth to try.


07 Saturday Sep 2013

Article Featured in the Phnom Penh Post

Did you see it?  IRG’s director sat down for an interview with Phnom Penh Post’s Laura Ma for an interview on the state of tourism in Cambodia.  Here is a link to the article featured on 6 September 2013 in the business section.


We at IRG are very grateful for this opportunity.