23 Friday Nov 2012

Uraetei Japanese BBQ Restaurant

A little unexpected turn onto street 360 in BKK1, you will run into Uraetei Japaese BBQ restaurant.  This cute little restaurant has much to offer.  Although it is a Japanese restaurant, there are so many resemblances to Le Seoul, the korean BBQ restaurant on Monivong boulevard.   Here are some photos from this amazing place.

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5 Street 360, Boeung Keng Kang 1, Phnom Penh

22 Thursday Nov 2012

Thanksgiving in Phnom Penh


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving, a classic American holiday intended commemorate the first dinner that the pilgrims and Native Americans had together when the pilgrims first arrived to America.  Today, many American celebrate by coming together and having a Thanksgiving dinner and thinking about what they are thankful for.  So how can you enjoy in this tradition while living in Phnom Penh?

Well there are 2 options:

  • Make your own Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Go out to eat.

If you were to make your own dinner, you need recipes and supplies. http://www.allrecipes.com has a great selection of Thanksgiving recipes that you can follow.  You can print off the recipe and shopping list to get all of your supplies.  To get all of your supplies, Lucky Supermarket off of Samdach Preah Sihanouk Boulevard has all of it from turkeys to box stuffing.

For the clumsy chefs out there, there are a few places in Phnom Penh that will serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Hager Restaurant and Catering, No. 44, Street 310, BKK1, Phone Number: (855) 010 333 095 / 010 333 014
  • La Couple in Sofitel Hotel, 26 Old August Site , Sothearos Boulevard , Sangkat Tonle Bassac, 6pm to 10pm, 34.28$/pax

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

21 Wednesday Nov 2012

A new way to book a hotel online with IRG

Our IRG team has been preparing a new face for our hotel booking website.  We anticipate the new interface to be up and running in this coming December.  Below are some screen shots highlighting the new features.

1. In this screen shot, online visitors can quickly identify TripAdvisor ranking and hotel star ranking. All prices display here are final, including taxes and services.  Therefore customers won’t be surprise when you reach the booking payment stage.  

A gallery displaying hotel availability.

2. On this map displaying hotel availability, online visitors can pinpoint the location of interest or address by simply entering into the text box provided and click on the “pinpoint location”.  The number of hotels helps our users to see easily on the map where each hotel is located.

A map displaying hotel availability.

 3. On the homepage, online visitors can see which hotels are last viewed and are most viewed, and which cities are most viewed.

Most Viewed Hotels

All these great features are integrated to help serve our online customers better.

19 Monday Nov 2012

IRG is getting to ready to launch its Khmer music website

In the last few months, our IRG team has been an enormous effort to bring our visitors a music platform for listening to Cambodian music and video.  Our vision is to introduce newest and trendy Khmer pop songs to the online community as easy to find and easy to navigate as possible.

We incorporate several music and video playlists, keeping in mind that our web users would be able to identify quickly the latest songs that are most played on radio during any given time period.  We also add “like” button as well as “view” counter to bring the social ranking tool to this website with the intention that our online visitors can quickly see which songs are the fans top favorite and which songs are most listened to.

Behind the scene, our team keep our online fans update on all record productions such as Rasmey Hang Meas, M Production, Town Production, Sunday Production…etc.


50 Latest Songs

30 Most Listened Songs

19 Monday Nov 2012

Cupcakes @ Bloom

The greatest cupcake shop in Phnom Penh is Bloom.  I recently discover this amazing cake shop when I had to organize a birthday party for a friend.


04 Sunday Nov 2012

Top 5 Things To Do in Siem Reap: A Timeless Guide for Khmers and Foreigners


angkor Wat- Leny Keo

Angkor Wat – by Leny Keo (image above)

Siem Reap is one of the ancient city in Cambodia. It attracts millions of tourists from around the world.  For those first timers visiting Siem Reap, you may be asking  yourself, “what is there to do?”  This is my second time visiting Siem Reap, and these are five things that I recommend.

1-      Visit Angkor Wat and experience the sunrise

At Angkor Wat in the morning

In Siem Reap, there are more than a thousand temples.  The main tourist temple attractions are Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom Temple and Bayon.

Tip: It is also really amazing if we could wake up at 4 AM in the morning and watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. You will catch the beautiful and unforgettable sunrise.

2-      Experience the Sunset

Bakeng Mountain by Leny Keo

Bakeng Mountain – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place that has the landscape for watching the sunset  is Bakheng Mountian. We have to climb Bakheng Mountain around 4 PM.  The sunset will be around 5:30 to 6 PM. This is another amazing experience that should not be missed.  Have your camera ready, and find yourself a vacant space on this hill so that you can capture the eye-catching landscape of Angkor city and the sunset.


3-      Kissing the statue

bayon nose- credit Bun Leap

Bayon’s Nose – credited to Bun Leap (image above)

This is a bizarre yet amusing picture that attracts many people including me to take a photo at Bayon Temple. Having your photo taken in this position is so popular that every tour guide always recommends to their guests.

4-     Go Shopping at Night Market

Night Market-Leny Keo

Night Market – by Leny Keo (image above)

The best place to shop in Siem Reap is the night market.  At the night market, you can buy souvenirs such as the t-shirts, scarves, pillow cases, purses…etc. The price is reasonable and the products are good quality but be ready to haggled your way to a deal.

5-      Pub Street

Pub Street-Keo Leny

Pub Street – by Keo Leny (image above)

There are a lot of restaurants along Pub Street.  The food is good and cheap. You will be entertained with all kinds of music and drinks.  I tried the fruit punch and blue martini.  The night life starts from 7 pm until 2 am in the morning.



These are the five things that I want to do and see when I am in Siem Reap. If you have other special places and things to do that you have in mind, please share with me.