31 Tuesday Jul 2012

Gyms in Phnom Penh

First glance at the gyms in Phnom Penh, you will be astonished how modern and advanced these high-end gyms are, not so different from those found in the US.  It is hard to compare the gym environment in Phnom Penh. But I will give you my two cents on The Place Gym and The Sofitel Gym.

The Place Gym: is located in BKK1.  Originally The Gym was situated on Sihanouk Blvd but was later moved to Pasteur Street in 2012.  This newly constructed gym offers weight stations and training exercise machines for every level.  For those muscle builders or new gym goers, this place has everything all in one package.  An indoor swimming pool is big enough to keep you relaxed after a nice workout.  My first impression of this gym is its gym members.  A vast majority of the high-class, rich kids and local expats are found here.  On any given weekday afternoon, you will encounter these rich kids mingling around gym equipments and chatting away.  I get the sense that the gym was more of a camp for gossiping and catching up with friends rather than for the actual gym experience.  Despite the crowd and the difficulty to find parking, this place is perfect for those who prefer a gym in BKK1 and a gym with the most work-out machines and equipments.

The Sofitel Gym: is found within the Sofitel Phnom Penh Hotel complex.  The complex spreads out on ground level, unlike The Place Gym, making it easy to access the different exercise stations.  As you enter the premise, the fitness center or rather the weight/machine room is located to your right.  Just a few steps forward, you will find an enormous outdoor swimming pool right across the kid’s playground.  Four tennis courts are available upon request.  Inside the complex, you have the pool house, indoor racket ball courts, and indoor dance studio.   The staff are highly energetic and helpful.  If you’re a new gym goer, do not forget to ask them for helpful workout tips and the do’s and don’t.  Post-workout is important and at The Sofitel Gym, you can treat yourself to a nice sauna or stream room.  For those soccer moms or moms who have young children to take care of, this is a practical place for you as there is a kid playroom and kid playground to entertain your little rascals until you have finished your workout, burning those calories away.

As for me, I enjoy spending my weekend afternoon hanging out and reading books at the Sofitel outdoor pool.  There is nothing more relaxed than this.

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30 Monday Jul 2012

YUMI – a small Japanese restaurant in Phnom Penh

Tucked away in the BKK1 neighborhood, YUMI is a new-chic-japanese restaurant in town.  The menu selection is limited to only a few dishes, but you will find yourself wanting to try their special Pork Ribs BBQ or their Fried Crab Wonton.

If you want to enjoy a private ambience, then you’ve come to the right place.   At YUMI, you can feel very at ease and the staff is attentive but you do not have the feeling that they are always at your table side 24/7.


Before finishing your meal, you must place the order for the chocolate rice pudding with coconut ice cream.  The combination of warm and cold is a perfect ending for a nice dinner.

YUMI Restaurant



+ The restaurant is located on St 288.  Look for a DARA Restaurant sign, and you will find a small black street blackboard with the name YUMI written on it.

26 Thursday Jul 2012

Top 5 Restaurants to dine this summer in Phnom Penh

This summer, there is a new sprawl of restaurants opening up in Phnom Penh.  Like most food lovers, I enjoy trying out these new places and see if they have what it takes to impress my taste palate.  After a few weeks of exploring, I finally came up with a list of restaurants to my liking.

  1. The Exchange (near Wat Phnom)
  2. Do Forni (inside Sofitel Phnom Penh Hotel)
  3. Stone Grill (near the river side area, close to Gloria Jean’s coffee)
  4. The Emperors of China
  5. Origami Japanese Restaurant

Stone Grill Restaurant

The Exchange Bar and Restaurant

Origami Japanese Restaurant

Do Forni Restaurant

The Emperors of China Restaurant

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26 Thursday Jul 2012

IRG Go is now on TripAdvisor!

We at IRG Go are excited to announce our IRG Go listing on TripAdvisor! To visit our page and leave a review of our tours, please visit the website below:

18 Wednesday Jul 2012

Giant Ibis bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Last weekend, we decided to take a getaway weekend trip to Siem Reap.   Thinking about logistics, we started to look for ways to get from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and discovered that Giant Ibis was our best option.

Unlike other bus services like Mekong Express or Soriya Express running from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, the Giant Ibis had what it takes to defy the misunderstanding of many travelers who have taken poor quality bus transfers in Cambodia.   Upon arrival to the Giant Ibis Phnom Penh station, located next to the Phnom Penh Night Market, we were greeted by our bus crew assistant, Maley.    Maley welcomed us with a big smile and helped us with our luggages immediately.  While we waited for other travelers to arrive, Maley had already turned on the AC and entertained us with a movie.   What surprised us most was the array of movie selections to choose from.   Each reclined seat came with its own cup holder, a speech control on/off switch that was perfect for your own personal selection, and plenty of leg room, almost as spacious as the cabin seat from the United Airline flight leaving Frankfurt to NYC.

One and half hours into the trip, we stopped in Skun town for a 10 min restroom break.   Our 30 minute lunch was in Kompong Thom province at a local restaurant.  Shortly after, the bus driver was switched.  This showed that Giant Ibis really took safety very highly and did not allow the same driver in the driver seat for the entire six hour ride.  Two movies later we arrived at Siem Reap bus station.

Entertainment and comfortable seats made the trip so enjoyable and relaxing that our six hour trip felt unexpectedly shorter.

I would recommend other travelers to select Giant Ibis bus service as a preferred choice for the transfer from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and vice versa.  Do try to book your seat as early as possible from your departure date as the seat availability is limited.   And when you have a chance to take the Giant Ibis, we would love to hear your story.  Please feel free to share your experience by writing to us at [email protected]

06 Friday Jul 2012

A Cup of Joe

One surprising thing you’ll find in Phnom Penh is the amount of coffee shops that are sprinkled throughout the city.  They are the perfect hideaway places from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s just a nice place to spend the afternoon especially when it’s hot outside.  You can just sit and people watch — from the college student working on a school project to the expat conducting a business deal.  The coffee shop is the place to get a slice of the city while getting your daily coffee fix. If you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t worry.  Some of these coffee shops have themes to them.  For instance, Java also doubles as an art gallery and at Nom, you can enjoy some architectural designs.  So by only visiting coffee shop won’t be enough!

Another perk to spending your time in the coffee shop is you can still do your work. Most coffee shops in the city have free wi-fi so you can still get all your work done. You just have to get the password which is usually on small scraps of paper at the cashier. The atmosphere is busy but not loud. Bring some headphones, play some music, and type away!

As for the drinks, you can get more than just coffee.  Most have your typical drip coffees and fancier espresso drinks but some have a great selection of teas and smoothies as well.  There are also some that serve all out meals so there is no need to go anywhere else to eat!

All this talk about coffee is making me tired. Maybe it’s time for me to go get my cup of Joe to get me past the afternoon!

Cafe au Lait from Java.