01 Monday Aug 2011

Top 5 Reasons to visit KEP

During the past two years in Cambodia, I always wonder if there is a great getaway within two hours drive.   Well I found just the place.   Knaii Bang Chatt is a private resort, situated in Kep province, provides the most exclusive and private stay in your own comfort zone.   What I long for in Asia is simple just another two hours car ride from Phnom Penh city.  Adding to my list of favorite destinations in Cambodia, Kep is one of them.

Here are my top five reasons to visit this quaint town.

1.  seafood: there is a local market also known as “Crab Market”, just in the center of town.  An early morning walk through the market, you will be swift away by the fishermen bringing their morning catches from sea. Lobster, crabs, fish and squids are among of seafood that you can expect to have at this small market.

2. surfing: at Knai Bang Chatt, you can learn how to sail a sailboat.  An hour lesson by the instructor from the sailing club, you will be on your way to discover new arena on this untouched waterfront.

3.  fresh tropical smoothies: my perfect afternoon can be described as lying all day next to an infinity pool, a pool of which no edge is shown, while quenching my summer thirst with a fresh mango and mint smoothies.  No better way to detox your city smog with this delicious and sweet savory drink.

4. biking: no traffic, no car, no remork (a motorcycle with a trailer attached) means just you and the road. Kep offers a great ocean bike trail, an endless road along the ocean front.

5. the people: unlike city folks, these Kep-ers are the most social and welcoming people.  Although the population of this province is less than a few thousands, they are well spirited and easy to get along.  Practically everyone here enjoy their life at the beach.  A stress-free environment makes them such a people kind of person.